John Havard, Chair – Technology Services    

Mike Newmeyer – Technology Services

John Valdez – Transportation 

Anthony Castro – 

M & O

Heather Layton-

Mission Elementary

Contract Negotiations are complex.  Your Negotiations Team continues to follow our historical RESPA protocol of:

  1. Hearing what is important to our members.  We do this by asking questions, surveying the membership, Town Hall Meetings, Site Rep Input and ongoing requests for input.
  2. Discerning  which issues have the greatest impact.  We do this as a committee, with Executive Board, Site Rep Council & CTA Staff input.
  3. We always negotiate for increased wages and ongoing benefits.
  4. The Negotiations Team submits an initial proposal.  Based on member, Board, Site Rep Council and CTA Staff input.
  5. The District submits their initial proposal.
  6. We work back and forth, refining, disagreeing, agreeing, negotiating both fine and broad points  of the contract.  There can be many times the proposals a reworked and resubmitted. 
  7. The Negotiations Team and the District agree upon a contract. This can take days, weeks and sometimes months.  It is a process.
  8. The Negotiations Team brings the contract to the membership for approval.
  9. The District brings the approved contract to the RUSD School Board for approval.