As a RESPA Member, you have multiple options for funding for additional education.  This education can take many different forms- it can be higher education, vocational, technology, etc.  We offer RESPA Member Scholarships, and there are CTA and NEA Grants and Scholarships as well. 

In addition, as a RESPA Member, your high school senior has the opportuntiy to apply for our RESPA Student Scholarships. This applies to ALL dependents of RESPA members, not solely RUSD students. If your high school senior is not an RUSD student please reach out to RESPA President Dan Kivett at to apply for the RESPA student scholarship.  RUSD students use the Redlands Community Scholarship Foundation protocol. 

The links below have many different options outlined.  We encourage you to review the options and apply wihin the designated deadlines.  

In addition, as per our contract, RESPA members may qualify for an Educational Stipend.  The subject matter of coursework must be related to the position currently occupied by the unit member. In addition, upon request of the unit member, coursework may be approved by the Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources, to qualify such unit member for another position in District classified service. Please note that courses which have not been approved by the Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources, prior to enrollment will not be eligible for the Professional Growth Program.

There are three stages of stipends. Stage 1: Fifteen (15) completed points. Stage 2: An additional fifteen (15) completed points. Stage 3: An additional fifteen (15) completed points. Approved coursework in progress at the end of one stage may be carried over to another stage. The stipend for completion of each stage shall be $649.00 (total of 45 units or $1947.). Stipends are accumulative. No unit member may earn more than three (3) stipends.

 Want to know more?  Go to and then to our current contract.  The specifics are on pages 28 through 31 of the contract.